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Maintenance & Support

Websites are not meant to be static. It is not a one-time assignment, but a long term investment, hence, requires regular updates to be it dynamic and appealing all the time. Fabritech brings you its unique, customized web maintenance solutions to keep your website updated, secured and protected. With our maintenance and support mechanism, you can also improve the search engine results and SEO ranking. We perform various checks, including server performance, website & database backup, content management, virus check, website outages and software updates.

We also offer these services as a package deal to take away all the hassle away from you. It includes helpdesk services, ensuring you get timely reminders for maintenance activities. In case you would want to perform website maintenance on your own, we can provide a set of templates or a management software which will manage the content for you, including recent updates, revisiting the existing content and adding relevant keywords.

You can ask for a free consultancy from our team, who will perform a website audit of your website, sharing a holistic summary of identifying issues and proposed solutions at the most competitive price, ensuring your website has the best support mechanism.

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