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Digital Marketing

Digital Media caters to the large pool of consumers with its global accessibility. At Fabritech, we offer you digital marketing as a medium to reach out to your customers in the most persuasive way through our services. Most often, we associate internet as the channel for digital marketing, however, it includes other services as well like instant messages, mobile apps, text messages, radio channels, digital television, etc.

If you are thinking of implementing Digital Marketing techniques for your company, Fabritech is a one-stop destination for all your need. We offer a wide range of digital services to optimize your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to online business. It’s evitable to understand the on page and off page SEO processes to get the online traffic from search engines. With these processes, Fabritech ensures that an appropriate website content is available to search engines as well as what other websitefeel about other your site. Another tool which is used for creating visibility about your website is Social Media Optimization (SMO) which spreads awareness about your products, involving RSS feeds, social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube advertisements.

Link Building is also used for getting external pages linked to a specific page on your website. It is often used in search engine optimization and plays an important role in getting Google ranks, hence, attracting more customers. At times, it’s difficult to build links and is time consuming, hence, we can do this for you.

Google AdWords is another online marketing tool which is quite popular. You only pay when the viewer clicks on your web link or gives a call back. You can target a specific country or genre of people since it is highly customized basis the requirement.

Email Campaigns, Email Marketing or Campaigns also serve as an easy, simple and quick way to advertise your product, Fabritech assists you to send personalized yet professional emails to the relevant audience that constantly being improvised by our sales team. Our experts closely track the delivery confirmations and monitor how many emails are at ‘Read’ status.

If you are looking for a performance based online marketing tool, then Affiliate marketing is the solution. It involves a core team of four: merchant, also known as retailer, network, publisher and specialized vendors. This marketing technique may use some of the basic marketing techniques like SEO and email marketing, however, depending on the product requirement, it may include techniques like publishing online reviews from reputed partners.

E-commerce marketing, often known as online shopping is the most frequently used technique for online marketing. We help you to build your online portal for the competitive market.

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